Publication in L'Obs, following the Polish parliamentary elections, November 2023.

Publication on CNN, illustrating a story on Kaliningrad, Russia. 

Publication in French daily newspaper Le Monde to illustrate a story on the crisis facing the European Union.

Publication in Libération (France) on Poland's relation with the European Court of Justice. 

Publication in SPIEGEL ONLINE - Women's strike protest, Poland. 

Publication in French weekly supplement 'M le magazine du Monde' to illustrate a story on the British seaside town of Blackpool.

Assignment for SPIEGEL ONLINE reporting on the winners and losers of Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

Publication on the Council of the European Union's website.

Publication in Image-Doc (France)

Assignment for WELT following Pro-EU campaigner and member of the House of Lord Andrew Adonis on his visit to Greater Manchester as part of his tour of leave voting constituencies. 

Publication in The Sentinel (UK)